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This "Frequently Asked Questions" (F.A.Q.) section is here to answer questions about the DCC Bookstore.
Why are textbooks so expensive?
The high price of textbooks is primarily due to publisher costs. What the publishers spends on manufacturing materials from editing to paper costs to marketing and advertising fees are just some of the things that affect book prices. Add to that what the author gets and you quickly realize that .75 cents of every dollar spent on textbooks goes to publisher expenses and the remaining .25 cents to college store operations. 

The following chart shows the breakdown of costs involved in providing student textbooks. These Statistics reflect data from the 1999-2000 financial data gathered by the National Assoc. of College Store (NACS). The numbers are averages. 

Click on the image on the right to see a detail layout:

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Why aren't other books this expensive?
Other books don't take as long to develop, aren't written by experts, are mass-produced and sell to a wider audience. Equally divided, it simply costs more to deliver a textbook that 20,000 students will read when compared to a best-selling novel millions of people will buy.
What does the Bookstore do with its share?
  1. Continued Bookstore operations
  2. Paid to the college for upkeep and maintenance for such things as campus parking lots, tennis court, etc.
  3. Alliance for Excellence scholarship
  4. Student Spotlight – Danville Community College spotlights one of its outstanding students each month in the Danville Register & Bee. This is underwritten by the DCC Bookstore. These students also receive a $25.00 DCC Bookstore gift certificate.
What about used books? How does this feature of the Bookstore work?
At the end of each semester the DCC Bookstore repurchases textbooks from students. The bookstore usually pays 50% of the original purchase price for textbooks that are going to be used for the upcoming semester. Because only a limited number of these books can be purchased, it is always best to sell your unwanted books early. 
What factors can affect what we will pay for your book?
    1. Condition of book
    2. Bookstore is overstocked
    3. Instructor has chosen to use the book
    4. National demand for book
    5. New edition has been published
    6. Instructor will not use book or is undecided
    7. Custom package missing pieces

We do not purchase books that are missing pages or have water-damage.

What happens when the Bookstore reaches its desired quota of a particular book? Can I still sell my textbook?
Yes, but you won’t receive 50% of the purchase price. After we’ve bought all that we need then the price drops to the wholesale value of the text. This price is determined by the wholesale company that actually buys the books from us for national distribution. Wholesalers pay only up to 35% of the purchase price.